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Earthquakes in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is prone to earthquakes, and here in Arrowtown Central Otago, we have a fault line called the Alpine Fault Line.

This fault line has the potential to produce an earthquake well into the magnitude 7 range. 

In the past 8,000 years, it has produced magnitude 8 or greater earthquakes 27 times, on average every 300 years.

We need to be ready for when this happens as we might find ourselves cut off from neighboring towns such as Queenstown, Frankton, Wanaka, and Cromwell due to the liquefaction that will happen due to the amount of schist rock we have in our surrounding hills and mountains.







   If you find you are experiencing an earthquake


  • DROP Somewhere close to you, no more than a few steps away, to avoid injury from flying debris.

  • COVER Under a strong table. HOLD on to the table legs to keep it from moving away from you.

  • Away from windows that can shatter and cause injury. And from tall furniture that can fall on you. Protect your head and neck with your arms.

Do not run outside or you risk getting hit by falling bricks, glass, trees, and even live powerlines.    You will experience aftershocks. 

Stay Calm!

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